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May 19, 2022

Living Security Partners with Gradient Cyber to Bring Leading, Managed Security Awareness and Training Solutions to Small and Midmarket Enterprises

AUSTIN, Texas, May 19, 2022 -  Living Security, the leader in Human Risk Management, today announced a strategic business partnership with Gradient Cyber to deliver best-in-class security awareness and training solutions to small businesses and midmarket enterprises. This collaboration brings together Gradient Cyber's 24/7 security operations as a service (SOCaaS) capabilities with Living Security's state-of-the-art human risk management solutions to deliver turnkey security awareness and training programs for organizations that often lack the time and resources to do it themselves.

The partnership comes at a critical time as new statistics show that cybercrime and fraud are now the top threats to businesses globally. Attacks are rising dramatically, particularly targeting companies in banking and finance, critical infrastructure, healthcare, education, and government. The joint managed security awareness programs will shift customers' security postures, moving customers from ineffective, compliance-driven security awareness training to programs that actively reduce human risks inside their organizations. And for an increasingly remote workforce, these innovative managed security awareness programs help improve cybersecurity awareness for customers' employees both at home and in the office.

"Identifying the riskiest employees inside an organization and providing them with fun and engaging micro-learning moments that actually improve their behavior and cyber hygiene is proven to be the most effective way to reduce risk inside an organization," said Ashley Rose, CEO of Living Security. "We're excited for this opportunity to partner with Gradient Cyber to share our expertise and provide valuable content with a broader group of customers to really decrease their cyber risk."

"Small businesses and midmarket enterprises are often-totally reliant on their IT infrastructure to transact business, but their employees' lack of cybersecurity awareness can create considerable human risk, increasing the likelihood of crippling cybersecurity disruptions," said Steve Chappell, CEO at Gradient Cyber. "And many of these organizations do not have the resources to adequately address these human risks in their companies. But now, Gradient Cyber and Living Security are bringing best-in-class security awareness training to small businesses and midmarket enterprises in a fully managed service offering."

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About Living Security

Living Security's mission is to transform human risk to drive dramatic improvement in human behaviors, organizational security culture, and infosec program effectiveness. With our Human Risk Management platform, Living Security engages each employee with innovative and relevant context and content, while simultaneously providing the ability for leadership to identify, report on and directly mitigate the risk brought on by human behavior. Living Security is trusted by security-minded organizations like MasterCard, Verizon, MassMutual, Biogen, AmerisourceBergen, Hewlett Packard, and Target. Learn more at www.livingsecurity.com.

About Gradient Cyber

Gradient Cyber is a trusted cybersecurity partner operating primarily across the United States and specializing in small and mid-market enterprises concerned about cybersecurity but lacking the staff to give it the attention it deserves. For a fraction of the cost of hiring one cyber analyst, our cybersecurity team is on the job 24/7 to improve your security, so you don't have to think about it anymore. We'll tell you what you need to know, what needs to be done, and eliminate the noise. Gradient Cyber is the only SOCaaS partner improving your security using 24/7 cybersecurity expertise, a SecOps delivery platform for threat detection across your IT infrastructure 'swim lanes', and diagnostics to strengthen your security posture even when there are no threat alerts. Learn more at www.gradientcyber.com.