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Jun 27, 2023

A Game Changer in Cyber Defense: How Gradient Cyber Protects A Global Transportation Organization

Unmasking the hidden threat: when a leading Magic Quadrant EDR solution overlooked a malicious hash, a leading SOCaaS provider with its next-generation IDS stepped in to fortify the defense.

Intercepting Threats Mid-Journey 

Picture this: A global transportation company is bustling with activity, its networks buzzing as goods are ferried across continents. On a particular day, something sinister lurked within their systems, a malicious file that had infiltrated the network.

Enter Gradient Cyber's Network Intrusion Device, the tireless sentinel. With eagle-eyed precision, it detected an anomaly: the presence of a file with a malicious hash, which is akin to spotting contraband among thousands of containers.

Gradient Cyber took action! It was outside of regular business hours, but time is of the essence in transportation. An alert ticket was promptly generated, and the assigned Security Team, like an elite response unit, neutralized the threat within just 5 minutes.

The Roadmap to Defense-in-Depth: Gradient Cyber and EDR Technology

An interesting observation in this incident was that traditional EDR technology, such as that offered by a leading Magic Quadrant EDR provider, did not initially detect this threat. This is not a weakness, but rather a difference in approach, and further proof of the need for varying threat intelligence resources. Even though NEW EDR technology has the capability to be proactive and detect non-signature-based events, EDR technology often acts reactively, dealing with threats as they execute.

In this particular incident, Gradient Cyber's network-based threat detection was the first line of defense, spotting the malicious file before it could wreak havoc. Had the file been executed, the leading EDR provider would have been ready to step in. This collaboration creates a multi-layered security strategy that ensures robust protection.

The Dynamic Duo: NDR and EDR

Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) are like a dynamic duo in the world of cybersecurity. NDR, a key part of Gradient Cyber's solution, monitors network traffic for signs of malicious activity. Think of it as aerial surveillance that gives an overview of the entire transport network, spotting potential roadblocks and issues before they escalate. 

On the other hand, EDR focuses on the endpoints, such as devices and servers. It's like the ground patrol, ensuring that individual vehicles in the transport fleet are secure and free from internal threats.

In essence, while EDR is keeping the vehicles safe, NDR is watching the highways. The two technologies complement each other, providing a 360-degree shield. By employing both NDR and EDR, businesses can ensure they are not just reacting to threats, but actively preventing them, securing both the highways and the precious cargo they carry.

Navigating the Cyber Highways with Gradient Cyber

This incident showcases how Gradient Cyber’s expertise and cutting-edge XDR platform can be a game changer in protecting global transportation networks. The combination of Gradient Cyber's proactive network-based detection with the leading EDR solution offers a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy.

In the world of global transportation, where every second counts, you need a partner that never sleeps and is always vigilant. Gradient Cyber is that partner.

Don’t let your operations be derailed by cyber threats. Take the driver’s seat in cybersecurity with Gradient Cyber.

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