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Feb 11, 2024

Gradient Cyber Adds Azure Protection to its MXDR Solution

We’re happy to announce that our Managed Detection and Response (MXDR) solution now includes protection for Microsoft Azure workloads and applications.


Businesses today are increasingly leveraging cloud services for their IT infrastructure, and Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest growing cloud service providers (CSPs), especially for mid-market companies. However, moving workloads and applications to the cloud should not be done without appropriate security - particularly threat detection and response coverage:


82% of the breaches in 2023 involved data stored in the cloud.

Ponemon Institute


This statistic underscores the need for robust cloud security measures. Having MXDR oversight of your Azure instances is one of the easiest, fastest, and cost-effective ways to get protection.

Meeting the Security Challenge Head-On

With the majority of data breaches now involving cloud-stored data, your virtual private clouds (VPCs), and the applications and data within are going to get noticed. As a result, you will face threats such as data breaches, unauthorized access, and other sophisticated tactics employed by modern cybercriminals.


To counter these threats, Gradient Cyber’s MXDR solution extends its reach beyond traditional on-premises systems to cover Azure (we’ve had AWS coverage for quite some time), ensuring all aspects of your IT infrastructure are protected.

How Gradient Cyber MXDR Helps Secure Your Cloud Environment

Gradient Cyber MXDR coverage of Azure is pivotal for monitoring a range of activities including sign-ins (successful and failed attempts), weak security settings and policies, etc. And it does so without complexity, additional overhead or resource adds on your part.


Operating and security telemetry from Azure Monitor and Microsoft Sentinel is fed directly into Gradient Cyber’s XDR platform, where our analytics remove false positives, pit activity against current threat intel, then contextualize and prioritize exactly what’s important. Next, our 24/7 human-in-the-loop (HITL) analysts review findings for appropriate response action.


The combination of our evergreen platform and HITL analysis enables our MXDR to detect and respond to potential unauthorized access and suspicious activities early in the attack chain, fortifying your cloud environments against cyber threats.

What It Takes To Get Started

The integration process is fast and easy thanks to APIs. In a matter of minutes, Gradient Cyber will have eyes on detailed user activity logs, sign-in information, security alerts, and administrative logs - all of which play a role in early threat detection and response. 

Peace of Mind that Your Cloud Environment is Under Our Watchful Eye

Gradient Cyber MXDR enables businesses to move forward with cloud adoption, knowing their applications and sensitive data is monitored and protected across all fronts. This strategic integration ensures businesses can confidently utilize Azure to its full potential while maintaining a strong defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Check out our comprehensive MXDR solution to see how Gradient Cyber MXDR can be configured to cover all on premises and cloud environments. Or, if your needs are specific to the cloud only, see our managed cloud detection and response (CDR) solution.