Penetration testing, or pen testing, is a critical exercise to assess the effectiveness of security measures. It involves ethical hacking techniques to simulate cyber attacks, uncovering real-world vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. This proactive approach helps in strengthening defenses, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards.

Our service includes the following deliverables:

  • Simulated Cyber Attacks: Ethically exploits vulnerabilities to assess real-world defense capabilities
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Provides detailed insights into exploited vulnerabilities and the impact of potential breaches
  • Strategic Remediation Recommendations: Offers tailored solutions to strengthen security defenses
  • Compliance and Risk Assessment: Evaluates adherence to industry standards and identifies risk areas
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By offering penetration alongside our MXDR services, Gradient Cyber not only identifies vulnerabilities but also tests how well your defenses can withstand an attack. This comprehensive approach enhances our understanding of your security landscape, allowing our MXDR analysts to more effectively monitor, detect, and respond to threats, ensuring a robust and resilient cybersecurity posture.

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