Microsoft Office 365, serving not only as an email platform but also as a repository for sensitive OneDrive and SharePoint documents, including trade secrets, financial records, and customer data, is an attractive target for attackers.

Google Workspace - housing not only email but also a wealth of sensitive data in Drive, Docs, and other applications - is equally enticing.

An MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service is vital to safeguard your Office 365 or Google Workspace instance, ensuring information-rich assets are protected against the advanced tactics of modern cybercriminals.

Software as a Service (SaaS DR) defends against both straightforward and intricate security threats present in 3rd party cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. It addresses attacks including phishing, ransomware, account takeovers, data breaches, and insider threats.

Our SaaS DR solution leverages APIs to collect telemetry for making informed detection and response decisions:

Audit Logs: Detailed user activity logs, including file accesses, downloads, shares, and edits; mailbox activities like email sent, received, and forwarding settings changes

Sign-in Logs: Information on user sign-ins, including successful and failed attempts, which helps in identifying potential unauthorized access attempts or brute-force attacks

Security Alerts: Unusual sign-in activities, potential data breaches, or suspicious activities

Email Analytics: Data related to email flow, including phishing attempts, spam detections, and unusual email sending patterns

Admin Activities: Logs of administrative actions, such as changes in security settings, user permissions, and policy modifications

With this data ingested into our XDR platform, our analytics - enriched 100+ threat intelligence feeds - find the signals that matter, enrich them with contextual information, and present them for Cyber Analyst review, SitRep production, and an appropriate response action.

What Is...
What is SaaS Detection and Response?
Value Add
How a Managed
SaaS DR service
from Gradient Cyber
adds Value

Gradient Cyber's Managed SaaS DR service enhances your SaaS security by utilizing our proprietary analytics, platform, and expert Cyber Analyst team. Our system undergoes a learning phase to recognize and alert on deviations from normal SaaS behavior, pinpointing elusive attacks.

For Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), our SaaS DR service excels in detecting complex, hidden attacks that standard signature-based tools might miss. It spots atypical communication trends, significantly bolstering advanced threat detection and proactive threat hunting, thereby adding substantial value to your 3rd party SaaS security posture.

What Our Managed SaaS DR Service Includes

Monitoring of all audit logs, sign-in logs, security alerts, email analytics and admin activity.


Our Cyber Analyst staff use the Gradient Cyber XDR platform to analyze, contextualize and prioritize all Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace alerts.


Alerts that require action are documented in a Situation Report (SitRep) which details incident root cause, contextual analysis findings, and recommended or auto-invoked response action(s).


Let Gradient Cyber assist you with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace security through findings that will improve your email protection, access control, data loss prevention, security audits, and patch prioritization.

Gradient Cyber Managed SaaS DR Service Benefits

Gradient Cyber’s Managed SaaS DR service offers clear and compelling benefits:

Expertise and
Specialized Skills
  • Our Cyber Analyst team has specialized expertise in cybersecurity and threat intelligence. They are much more adept at detecting, analyzing, and responding to complex threats than IT personnel who don't specialize in cybersecurity.
Up-to-Date Threat
Intelligence, Analytics,
Platform and SOC
  • We have access to the latest threat intelligence. We continuously update our analytics and platform to handle new and evolving threats. We own and operate our own SOC, and maintain SOC 2 Type II Compliance.
24/7 Monitoring
and Response
  • Cyber threats can occur at any time. Our managed NDR service offers round-the-clock monitoring and response capabilities. You can enjoy nights, weekends and holidays because we are on the job.
  • Building and maintaining an in-house team - including the costs of hiring, training, and retaining cybersecurity staff, acquiring and running technology and infrastructure - is substantial. Our managed NDR service gives you access to top-tier cybersecurity talent and tooling for a fraction of the cost of staying in-house.
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