Corporate networks are characterized by massive amounts of north-south and east-west traffic, making it easy for cyber attacks to go unnoticed, often taking months to detect. Preemptively safeguard your network with Managed NDR (Network Detection & Response).

Our service monitors network activity, identifies threats, and can initiate fast countermeasures, enhancing security. It protects your data and infrastructure from internal and external attackers, ensuring your business operates unabated.

Network Detection and Response (NDR) defends against both straightforward and intricate security threats present in network activity. It addresses attacks like unauthorized access attempts, user account breaches, and data exfiltration efforts following spear-phishing or malware attacks. NDR also tracks unusual network activities indicative of ransomware outbreaks or supply chain attacks.

Our NDR solution employs on-premises sensors with an embedded NIDS to inspect all live network traffic - north/south and east/west - for known threats and protocol anomalies. Further, we forward PCAP and Biflow information to our cloud XDR platform where machine learning, behavioral analysis, Indicators of Compromise (IoC), and retrospective analyses uncover more advanced attacker signals, and take active or passive action to prevent critical data damage or theft.

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What is NDR?
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Gradient Cyber's Managed NDR service enhances your network security by utilizing our proprietary analytics, platform, and expert Cyber Analyst team. Our system undergoes a learning phase to recognize and alert on deviations from normal network behavior, pinpointing elusive attacks.

For Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), our NDR service excels in detecting complex, hidden attacks that standard signature-based tools might miss. It spots atypical communication trends, significantly bolstering advanced threat detection and proactive threat hunting, thereby adding substantial value to your network security posture.

What Our Managed NDR Service Includes

Monitoring of all network traffic - east/west and north/south. Local NIDS identifies known threats and protocol anomalies.


Our Cyber Analyst staff use the Gradient Cyber XDR platform to analyze, contextualize and prioritize all network traffic alerts


Alerts that require action are documented in a Situation Report (SitRep) which details incident root cause, contextual analysis findings, and recommended or auto-invoked response action(s)


Gradient Cyber applies firewall rules changes required for attack mitigation at the network level

Gradient Cyber Managed NDR Service Benefits

Gradient Cyber’s Managed NDR service offers clear and compelling benefits:

Expertise and
Specialized Skills
  • Our Cyber Analyst team has specialized expertise in cybersecurity and threat intelligence. They are much more adept at detecting, analyzing, and responding to complex threats than IT personnel who don't specialize in cybersecurity.
Up-to-Date Threat
Intelligence, Analytics,
Platform and SOC
  • We have access to the latest threat intelligence. We continuously update our analytics and platform to handle new and evolving threats. We own and operate our own SOC, and maintain SOC 2 Type II Compliance.
24/7 Monitoring
and Response
  • Cyber threats can occur at any time. Our managed NDR service offers round-the-clock monitoring and response capabilities. You can enjoy nights, weekends and holidays because we are on the job.
  • Building and maintaining an in-house team - including the costs of hiring, training, and retaining cybersecurity staff, acquiring and running technology and infrastructure - is substantial. Gradient Cyber does it for you for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.
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