Endpoints are critical access points to your organization's network and are a significant security risk. You may have already deployed one of the leading EDR solutions on the market. But not every organization has the security personnel, platform or SOC infrastructure necessary to closely monitor endpoint agent alerts.

Our service elevates your existing EDR solution. We provide centralized monitoring and response - active and passive - to alerts surfaced by your endpoint agents.

We are experienced with many of the leading EDR brands including CrowdStrike, Cisco, Fortinet, Microsoft Defender, Palo Alto/Cortex, Sentinel One, VMWare/Carbon Black, and Sophos.

Trust us to maximize the effectiveness of your EDR investment, ensuring comprehensive endpoint protection.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) monitors desktop, server and other endpoints for security threats. It aims to detect breaches in real-time and enable fast response to potential dangers. EDR can be particularly effective against modern threats like new malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats by using endpoint behavioral analysis. As well, EDR's historical data tracking capability offers valuable insights for mitigating zero-day exploits, making it a key component of advanced threat protection.

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What is EDR?
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The prompt identification of attacks on endpoints is crucial. However, without a dedicated team of security specialists closely monitoring your EDR-equipped endpoints, your organization may not realize the full value of the solution.

Gradient Cyber’s service simplifies the work of constant endpoint surveillance. By ingesting your EDR telemetry into our purpose-built XDR platform - kept current with the latest threat intelligence - our team of Cyber Analysts can monitor your endpoint activity around the clock.

Our analysts examine EDR telemetry including process execution data, file activity, network activity, registry changes, memory and disk state information, user account activity, system and application logs, alerts and notifications, historical data and behavioral analysis data to identify potential vulnerabilities and suspicious activities - significantly enhancing an organization's overall security posture.

What Our Managed EDR Service Includes

Monitoring of process, file, network communication, registry, authentication and user activity, system and application logs, alerts, behavioral analysis, memory and disk access, endpoint configuration and state data.


Our Cyber Analyst staff use the Gradient Cyber XDR platform to analyze, contextualize and prioritize all network traffic alerts


Alerts that require action are documented in a Situation Report (SitRep) which details incident root cause, contextual analysis findings, and recommended or auto-invoked response action(s)


Depending on the capability of the EDR agent itself, Gradient Cyber halt processes, quarantines, remediates, rolls back, or disconnects the endpoint based on agreed upon security enforcement policies.

Gradient Cyber Managed EDR Service Benefits

Gradient Cyber’s Managed EDR service offers clear and compelling benefits:

Expertise and
Specialized Skills
  • Our Cyber Analyst team has specialized expertise in cybersecurity and threat intelligence. They are much more adept at detecting, analyzing, and responding to complex threats than IT personnel who don't specialize in cybersecurity.
Up-to-Date Threat
Intelligence, Analytics,
Platform and SOC
  • We have access to the latest threat intelligence. We continuously update our analytics and platform to handle new and evolving threats. We own and operate our own SOC, and maintain SOC 2 Type II Compliance.
24/7 Monitoring
and Response
  • Cyber threats can occur at any time. Our managed EDR service offers round-the-clock monitoring and response capabilities. You can enjoy nights, weekends and holidays because we are on the job.
  • Building and maintaining an in-house team - including the costs of hiring, training, and retaining cybersecurity staff, acquiring and running technology and infrastructure - is substantial. Our managed EDR service gives you access to top-tier cybersecurity talent and tooling for a fraction of the cost of staying in-house.
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