Our Incident Response (IR) service swiftly addresses and resolves cybersecurity incidents, minimizing damage and downtime. Expert teams deliver prompt, effective solutions to safeguard your business's digital assets as quickly as possible.

Our structured approach ensures comprehensive incident management:

  • Immediate Threat Assessment: Rapid identification and evaluation of the severity of the incident
  • Containment and Eradication: Quick actions to limit impact and remove threats
  • Recovery and Restoration: Restoring systems and operations to normal securely
  • Post-Incident Analysis: Learn from incidents to strengthen future security
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A key part of any incident response investigation is data gathering. If Gradient Cyber’s Collectors are already deployed, this will speed the time to assess, contain, eradicate, recover and restore. If our collectors are not deployed, installing them as quickly as possible not only facilitates IR investigative work, but also fortifies your defenses against future attacks.

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