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Many MXDR solutions are active only. Mid-market customers often aren’t ready for that step. Our active and passive response capabilities seamlessly adapt to your organization's changing needs, delivering optimal enforcement policy flexibility and minimal mean time to resolution.

Manufacturing Cyber Risks
IP 100
Intellectual Property Theft

Manufacturing businesses, especially those in high-tech and industrial sectors, are prime targets for cyber espionage aimed at stealing proprietary designs and processes.

Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

The complex supply chains in manufacturing often involve multiple vendors, creating a larger attack surface for cyber threats.

Industrial Control System (ICS) Attacks

Cyberattacks on ICS can lead to severe disruptions in manufacturing processes, potentially causing safety hazards and production halts.

Insider Threats

Employees or contractors with access to sensitive systems and data can unintentionally or maliciously cause security breaches.

Increased Digitalization Post-COVID-19

The accelerated adoption of digital technologies in manufacturing post-pandemic has introduced new cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Impact of Cyber Incident

Cyber incidents can halt production lines, leading to significant financial losses and supply chain disruptions.

Intellectual Property Loss

Theft of intellectual property can erode competitive advantage and lead to long-term financial impacts.

Regulatory and
Legal Risks

Non-compliance with industry standards and regulations due to cyber breaches can result in hefty fines and legal challenges.

Gradient Cyber MXDR: Advanced Cybersecurity for Manufacturing

Robust Protection for Industrial Control Systems: Tailored security solutions to safeguard critical ICS from sophisticated cyber threats

Supply Chain Security: Advanced monitoring and threat intelligence to secure complex supply chains against cyber risks

Intellectual Property Safeguarding: Implementing robust measures to protect sensitive designs and proprietary information from theft or espionage

Comprehensive Endpoint Security: Ensuring all devices and networks within the manufacturing ecosystem are securely protected

Customized Incident Response and Recovery: Providing industry-specific strategies for incident management to minimize operational impact and enable rapid recovery

Gradient Cyber MXDR is dedicated to protecting the manufacturing sector's digital and operational assets, ensuring the security and resilience of critical manufacturing systems and data.
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