K-20 Education Cyber Risks
Data Breaches

Educational institutions store vast amounts of sensitive data, including personal information of students, staff, and parents, making them prime targets for cyberattacks​​

Ransomware Attacks

These attacks, which involve encrypting a victim's files and demanding a ransom for their release, have significantly impacted educational institutions, causing operational disruptions and financial losses

Identity Theft

The theft of student personally identifiable information (PII) can lead to long-term consequences, such as credit fraud and other forms of impersonation attacks​​

Phishing 100
Phishing and Social Engineering

These tactics are commonly used to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems within educational institutions.

Cyber Espionage

Educational institutions are targets for cyber-espionage, especially due to the valuable intellectual property and research data they hold.

Impact of a Single Cyber Incident

Cyberattacks can lead to delayed exams, canceled school days, and restricted access to educational resources.


The costs associated with resolving cyber incidents can be substantial for educational institutions.


Cyber incidents can significantly damage the reputation of educational institutions, affecting student enrollment and staff recruitment.

How Gradient Cyber MXDR Addresses These Challenges

Advanced Threat Detection: Identifying and neutralizing threats before they impact educational processes and data

Proactive Incident Response: Swift response to threats to minimize potential damage and downtime

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Education: Providing essential training and awareness programs for staff and students

Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Ensuring cybersecurity measures meet the specific regulations governing the education sector

Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguarding valuable research data and other intellectual assets

Cost-Effective Security Management: Offering comprehensive security management at a fraction of the cost of in-house solutions

Let Gradient Cyber MXDR be the shield protecting your educational institution from the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.
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