Gradient becomes an extension of your team, protecting your business the way we would protect our own.

Steve is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for orchestrating across channels, sales, marketing, and product. His long history in the cybersecurity and networking space aligns perfectly with his role at Gradient Cyber. Through spending time at Executive level Positions at TippingPoint/ 3Com, Riverbed, Intel, and Critical Watch., Steve has the leadership skills and cybersecurity network to propel Gradient Cyber forward.

As Chief Operations Officer of Gradient Cyber, Darren oversees, at a high-level, the legal, HR, finance, process and controls, and investor relations operations. Previously to Gradient Cyber, he was a co-founder of ServiceSource, a specialized sales organization focused on increasing service and support revenues for technology companies that enjoyed a successful IPO.

As Chief Financial Officer of Gradient Cyber, Brian oversees financial growth. Brian developed financial strategies for Fortune 500 companies while as a JP Morgan banker. He now uses that fast-paced expertise at Gradient cyber leading us in maintaining steady growth.

As Chief Technology Officer for Gradient Cyber, Stan is responsible for building our technical capability, including operational and product technology to human capital and analytics. Stan uses his years of expertise to develop our global cyber specialist team. Together, they are an integral part of our solution and customer success.