Most of all cyber-attacks happen to small businesses and midmarket enterprises. Thus, maintaining a hardened attack surface is critical. But identifying and managing security risks in the IT environment is difficult for IT and security teams to keep up with. Even maintaining basic asset inventories, patch levels, existing vulnerabilities, and configuration issues is challenging, much less prioritizing and addressing these attack surface weaknesses. But without addressing these issues continuously, the overall risk increases leaving companies ever more exposed to serious cyber-attacks.


The Gradient Cyber Solution

Working with our trusted Vector Security Team and SecOps Delivery Platform you can conduct a full one-time assessment of your IT environment including networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to identify your current cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses. Our proprietary technology-based risk and threat monitoring lets you work with our expert cybersecurity team to baseline your current cybersecurity state, benchmark against industry best practices and standards, and develop a prioritized plan to improve.





Document the current state of your IT environment attack surfaces with a technology-based risk and threat assessment analysis.



Find out where you stand and score your security practices and controls relative to best practice cybersecurity frameworks like NIST.



Get a full risk-based out-briefing with assessment findings and prioritized recommendations to guide improvement efforts.

“Great service, providing great insights and protection.”

- Security Administrator, Midsize Medical Group